Welcome to Dunshaughlin Kantanni Karate-Do

Kantanni Karate-Do is a traditional Martial Art but despite its Japanese name, it is purely an Irish Martial Art, not founded thousands of years ago by some obscure oriental, but developed almost 50 years ago by a Dubliner, THOMAS WARD.

Osensei Ward also holds Dan grades in Wado Ryu, Jo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku and has been practising in the Martial Arts since 1967. Combining his experience and knowledge of traditional Martial Arts, Osensei Ward formed Kantanni Karate-Do in 1975.

Kantanni Karate-Do simply means "the way of the empty hand".

Kantanni Karate-Do promotes discipline and self-confidence and includes an extensive array of Kata, various forms of Kumite and Close Quarter Battle techniques.

The Dunshaughlin club which is run by Sensei Peter Fitzsimons, trains Thursday evenings in St. Seachnalls National School, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath and caters for all ages. Our instructors are trained in child protection and have been Garda vetted. New members are always welcome and no experience is necessary to join.